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Concept Development and the Innovare Greenhouse

If your goal is to develop new product or service concepts, a new innovation strategy, or define new ways to delivery great customer experiences, then the Innovare Greenhouse is the approach you need. 

The Innovare Greenhouse is our concept development approach that is based on creative team problem solving during facilitated workshops. Our workshops are designed to inspire the imagination and tap into the natural creativity of cross functional teams and invited guests. 

Typically Innovare Greenhouse workshops last one to three days.  We follow a three step process of divergence, convergence, and articulation.  Team members create a wide range of beginning ideas and build the most exciting into well articulated innovation concepts ready for refinement and validation.


Have you brainstormed lots of ideas but nothing seems to come out of it?

Many organizations struggle with concept development. They brainstorm 100s of beginning ideas, but fail to develop them into viable solutions. Too often the ideas are judged to soon.  Because on the surface, they don't seem practical or feasible.  Perhaps some of the team members decided too quickly the ideas won't work.

That's the wrong approach! 

 Beginning ideas are the seeds of innovation.  But they are fragile and not well developed.  They are not ready to be judged.  They need to be nurtured and shaped into fully developed innovation concepts that can stand on their own merits prior to evaluation. 

We increase ideation effectiveness by using developmental thinking! 

During Innovare Greenhouse workshops we set aside decision making thinking and use developmental thinking to foster creativity.  We create lots of beginning ideas.  Select the most intriguing based on team energy.  Then we use the power of developmental thinking to transform the beginning ideas into feasible innovation concepts the team and organization can get behind.


But there is more to effect ideation and concept development than just developmental thinking.

Our Cornerstones for Effective Ideation and Concept Development

Team Composition - We enlist a diversity of minds for better creative problem solving 

Team members with a diversity of backgrounds and experiences encourages out-of-the-box thinking and creates stronger ideas.  We help you establish a team that is a blend of cross functional participants and sometimes invited customers, suppliers, consumers, or trained brains who can stir up the session. 

Insights Immersion - We immerse the team so they create stronger concepts 

We inform team members prior to idea generation by immersing them into key insights on market opportunities, customer needs, and enabling technologies. We help you transform your research into insight storyboards and other stimuli to focus the sessions.  Immersion helps the team focus on the right problems to solve and capabilities to leverage.

Creative Climate - We ensure the right climate for creative and developmental thinking 

Our creative process help members make connections, see the possibilities, and break out of the ordinary.  Critical to successful ideation is a safe environment that helps team members take chances and express their ideas without fear of being judged.  Our developmental thinking tools helps the team suspend judgment, be creative, and nurture ideas into viable opportunities.

Concept Development Tools and Templates - We spark creating beginning ideas and provide guidance on building them into achievable well articulated concepts

We use a range of creative tools to generate beginning ideas.  We select the strongest ideas based in the team's energy and excitement.  Then using the power of development thinking we shape the beginning ideas into working concepts.  We provide concept development templates that guide team members to fully articulate their new concepts.

The Innovare Facilitator's Role

We work with your team leaders managing the process and facilitating the sessions.  That allows your team to focus on the content.  We manage the environment keeping it fun, engaging, and the team productively focused on the task of creating actionable solutions.   

We don't leave you with just hundreds of ideas and no clear direction on how to make them happen. We work to shape the strongest beginning ideas into fully articulated and viable concepts with solid action plans for implementation.



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