Strategic Business Research

Innovare provides hands-on strategic business, policy, and technology research to help identify and evaluate innovation opportunities. We deliver in-depth reports and white papers developed using secondary sources and expert interviews.  We provide knowledge critical to business decision making.

Our work is used to identify and evaluate opportunities in various industries considering the business, technology, and policy environments.  We support developing innovation strategy and positioning for business development. 

We support R&D, business strategists, and innovationists anticipate the trajectory of new technology, explore how to leverage scientific advances, anticipate and influence policy changes, and develop responses to divergent market conditions. We apply a range of strategic business and technology research tools.

  • Industry and environmental analysis

  • Opportunity assessment 

  • Market needs determination 

  • SWOT analysis 

  • Scenario planning/War games

  • Technology discovery 

  • Product and technology mapping 

  • Science and policy research

  • Expert interviews  and panels 

  • Intellectual property search and assessment 

We bring a balance of rigorous analytical, creativity and hands-on experience in the application of our strategic business and technology research tools.

How we Approach Innovation Strategy

We develop innovation strategy by providing strategic business and technology research as well as applying our front-end process towards strategy formulation.

Front-End Process for Strategy Formulation

We identify market opportunities, key customer needs, and link technical capabilities to customer requirements to create an integrated market, product line and technology strategic plan for implementation.

Identify Market Opportunities

During our Market Drivers process, we segment the market and identify competitive factors by interviewing industry experts, customers, and stakeholders and studying secondary sources to define the key market drivers and opportunity areas for innovation.   

Discover Customer Needs

Our Vocal Insights® process discovers the key customer needs and creating a foundation for strategic decision making.  Opportunity areas are identified and customer needs translated into requirements for differentiation and market success.

Link Capabilities and Opportunities

We map your capabilities and link them to customer requirements.  This process allows us to identify gaps where customer requirements are not supported by current capabilities.   Our Tech Explorer  helps identify new technology and capabilities that can satisfy the unsupported customer needs.  

Creating the Innovation Strategy

We work with you to create an integrated plan for product and technology development and product line plans.  This begins during our Innovare Greenhouse workshops where we co-create a portfolio of strategic and tactical level new product and technology concepts.  These become our building blocks to develop the innovation strategy. 

The concepts are refined and placed within a strategic portfolio framework considering value creation, strategic intent, level of innovation and market impact.  Product and  technology development and product line plans are envisioned. 

The final outcome is a clearly articulated innovation strategy that aligns the organization and prepare for system wide innovation implementation.  Our three-phased TriCept front end of innovation process fills your innovation pipeline with a portfolio of high value-opportunities.





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