The Benefits of Team Training

Innovation Team Training

Because Innovare's approaches to innovation are designed to leverage the strength of multi-disciplinary teams, we often get requests from customers to provide training.

We provide cross-functional team training in our front end of innovation approach, Technology Discovery, and our Vocal Insights® voice of the customer process to support our client's ongoing innovation efforts.

Training sessions vary in scope from 1/2 day introduction workshops, to a few days for preliminary skills development, and up to several months for a full experiential learning program. 



Preliminary Skills Development

Through one half up to three day training sessions we provide an overview of the theory and practice for front-end of innovation.  This includes the various Discovery, Concept Development, and Validation techniques that we use.  We develop within your team the primary understand of how to organize for, design, and implement a full front-end or front-end component. 

Our training covers  Discovery, including market drivers, customer needs, and technology.  We provide your team with creativity tools and templates for concept development.  We build developmental thinking skills, maintaining a safe and creative climate, how to use ideation techniques and build ideas into feasible innovation concepts.  We cover concept validation approaches and how to gain management buy-in for your proposed portfolio of concepts. 

In-Depth Experiential Learning

Through client-defined live projects, we transfer our comprehensive approaches and full range of methodologies to your team by developing and implementing a custom front-end discovery project. The team learns by doing while delivering key insights on customer needs and developing a portfolio of real innovation concepts ready for implementation.

Practical and Transformational

Our workshops will help your teams develop new skills and capabilities, from setting up and implementing a Vocal Insights® project, to linking technology to customer needs during Technology Discovery, through creating new customer-driven solutions following Innovare's front-end process.

Whether your goal is to enhance or extend the lifecycle of your existing products, drive a strategic repositioning, create new products or services, or even define breakthrough opportunities, our workshops will enable your team to be self-sufficient for on-going innovation. 

Drive Cultural Change

If your training goal is to drive cultural change towards market and customer centered innovation consider our sequenced train the trainer approach.  We sequence two or three innovation teams through our experiential training program with team leaders taking on the role of future trainers.  This provides the critical mass or momentum to instill customer-centeredness throughout your organization driving cultural change.



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