Innovare's Research and Consulting Services

Innovare is a research and consulting company that focuses on the front-end of innovation. We help teams develop customer, market, and technology insights, then create innovation concepts to populate their innovation pipeline.  

We work with our clients to develop innovation strategy, new technology, new business, and new product and service concepts.

Our front-end research and team facilitation services:

  • Customer Research Business and consumer qualitative research featuring Vocal Insights our best practice voice of the customer service.  

  • Technology Discovery Science and technology discovery research including Voice of the Experts combined with open innovation and visioning workshops to define breakthrough opportunity.

  • Strategic Business Research In-depth business, policy, and technology research supporting R&D, business strategists, and innovationists. 

  • Concept Development Creative development of new ideas and shaping them into viable innovation concepts using informed ideation during Innovare Greenhouse workshops.

  • Front-End Consulting Team facilitation using our front-end Discovery, Concept Development, and Validation approaches to populate the pipeline with winning innovations.

  • Training Cross functional innovation team experiential training in voice of the customer, technology discovery, and front end of innovation.

We provide a systematic Discovery and Concept Development process that delivers stronger concepts and higher innovation sucess rates.

Watch our video. It describes our approach to the front-end of innovation.




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