Customer Research

We specialize in qualitative customer research in consumer, industrial and business environments.  We conduct in-depth interviews, focus groups, voice of the customer, and ethnographies with consumers, professionals, experts, employees and executives. 

Our research can be at a single point in time or part of an ongoing "customer council" process using both traditional and on-line approaches.

What we provide:

In Depth interviews and Focus groups are the mainstay of qualitative research.  We also provide specialized customer research services including voice of the customer and ethnography.  We use traditional in the field and phone research data collection as well as on-line.

Our specialized services:


Consumer and Business to Business

We provide qualitative research in a wide range of industries including:

Food, packaging, health care, chemical, medical devices, financial, education, publishing, insurance, electronics, equipment, building and construction,  retail among others 






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