Innovare's Front-End process in practice:



Front End of Innovation Consulting

The front end of innovation is where ideas are generated and shaped into new product concepts and projects that populate the product development pipeline.  We believe the process begins well before generating ideas.  The most successful innovators begin product development with a systematic process of Discovery.  They create a body of knowledge that informs idea generation.  Ideas are then transformed into concepts and validated prior to investment.

Innovare's Three-Phase Front End

We facilitate innovation teams through our three phased front end process and create winning innovations the entire organization can get behind!

Phase 1. Discovery

Through research and discovery workshops, we systematically explore what's driving the market, customer or consumer needs, and evolving technologies that can create solutions to solve customer needs.  The knowledge we create informs idea generation and concept development.

  Phase 2. Concept Development

What we learned during Discovery is used as catalysts for ideation during Innovare Greenhouse workshops.  Innovare Greenhouse workshops are designed to help cross functional teams think differently, keep in a developmental mindset and create beginning ideas and working concepts for new products, technologies, and innovation strategies.

 Phase 3. Validation

 During team and customer workshops, we refine the concepts and build a project portfolio of priority innovations.  We refine the products aligning features with customer requirements with an eye towards delivering value enhancing customer experiences. We roadmap the technologies and organizational capabilities required to develop and implement the innovations. We estimate the market value and build a case to support each proposition.

A well executed front end enhances the firm's ability to innovate. 

It builds the knowledge to create new opportunities and provides the evidence to  support the needed investment.  It builds management confidence, encourages buy-in, and gains alignment across the organization.



Where do ideas come from?

They generally don't come from a single function.  The strongest ideas evolve out of a creative cross-functional team process and is based on team members having a deep understanding in three key knowledge domains: 

  • What's driving the market and competitive environment

  • Customer and stakeholder needs throughout the value chain <

  • Evolving capabilities and technologies


Our customer research as well as our technology discovery services have been designed to help clients create a deep understanding of market drivers, evolving capabilities and technologies, and customer needs to inform idea generation. 


Innovare's Front End Delivers Project Portfolios that Drive Growth

We've help create over a billion of dollars in annual revenues from new products and services using our process.  It delivers:

  • A systematically developed innovation strategy

  • A portfolio of high-value, customer-driven new products and services

  • Innovations that range from incremental changes through breakthroughs

  • R&D, technology, and system capability development direction

  • Stakeholder and organization alignment ensuring a unified innovation agenda

 Our approach applies across industries and is adaptable to most innovation environments.  We have driven innovation success to new venture startups to mature global businesses creating value through customer-centered innovation. 


Our Front End of Innovation Process

  • Delivers better opportunities through a systematic triangulation discovery approach involving market drivers, customer needs, and technology possibilities

  • Uses cross-functional team immersion efficiently enabling members to quickly understand customer problems and focus on creating solutions

  • Uses an informed-idea generation approach that dramatically increases the strength and value of concepts and strategies

  • Draws from proven team creativity techniques to imagine new ideas and shape them into viable new concepts

  • Brings in a strategic portfolio perspective to shape and refine recommended innovation opportunities

  • Provides strong organizational alignment around innovation opportunities, reducing implementation barriers.


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