Innovare provides strategic business research to help identify and evaluate innovation opportunities in various industries considering the market, technology, and policy environments.  We use a proven research approach that begins with studying published materials then move into in-depth interviews of experts, customers, and technology owners.   After analysis and careful synthesis we deliver in-depth reports for business decision making.

Understanding the Market, Technology, and Policy Environments is Critical for Innovation


We help R&D, business management, strategists, and innovation teams anticipate the trajectory of new technology, explore how to leverage scientific advances, anticipate and influence policy changes, and develop responses to divergent market conditions. We help evaluate how target customers might adopt a new product or technology before investing as well as to provide development and positioning guidance for our clients.


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We apply a range of strategic business and technology research tools.

  • Industry and environmental analysis
  • Opportunity assessment 
  • Market needs determination 
  • SWOT analysis 
  • Scenario planning/War games
  • Technology discovery 
  • Product and technology mapping 
  • Science and policy research
  • Expert interviews  and panels 
  • Intellectual property search and assessment 

We bring a balance of rigorous analytical, creativity and hands-on experience in the application of our strategic business and technology research tools.