Many companies look at Concept Development as a brainstorming or idea generation session at the start of the front end process.  Not so.  The best innovators conduct their Concept Development sessions after Discovery.  That’s when they have a solid understanding of customer needs and can focus their idea generation efforts on creating solutions that address the needs.  Our Concept Development approach follows best practice.  The sessions are done immediately after Discovery and we use a proven team problem solving approach in a safe and creative environment we call the Innovare Greenhouse.

The Innovare Greenhouse is a safe and creative environment for creative team problem solving and Concept Development


Where do innovation ideas come from?

Lots have been said on where ideas come from – the eureka moment of the scientist in the lab,  the artist gaining inspiration while walking in the woods, from dreams just as you are about to wake up.  We all have stories on how we have come up with ideas.  In the innovation space ideas come from individuals and small teams working in a safe and creative environment.

Beginning ideas are the seeds of innovation.  But they are fragile and not well developed.  They are not ready to be judged.  They need to be nurtured and shaped into fully developed innovation concepts that can stand on their own merits prior to evaluation. The Innovare Greenhouse is creative team problem solving workshop designed to nurture beginning ideas so they can shaped into viable concepts.


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We Shape Beginning Ideas into Concepts by Using Developmental Thinking Tools

During Innovare Greenhouse workshops we set aside decision making thinking and use our developmental thinking tools to foster creativity.  We create lots of beginning ideas using our brainstorming tools.  We select the most intriguing ideas based on team energy.  Then we use the power of our developmental thinking tools to transform the beginning ideas into feasible innovation concepts the team and organization can get behind.


Of course there is more to effective idea generation and concept development than just applying our brainstorming and developmental thinking tools.  Reach out for your free webinar to learn more - until then here is a start.

Some of our "Cornerstones for Effective Concept Development." 

  • Brainstorming Team Composition - We recommend a team with a diversity of backgrounds and experiences for better creative problem solving.

  • Insights Immersion - The team should be fully immersed into the Discovery Insights to ensure their concepts address the key needs, leverage the right technology and are right for the market.

  • Creative Climateit is critical to have a safe and creative environment that uses developmental thinking and encourages new ideas and solutions.   

  • Concept Development Tools and Templates - Apply proven creative team tools to spark creating beginning ideas and build them into achievable well articulated concepts. 

  • Establish Clear Roles - Use a facilitator who works with the team leader and is responsible for the session process.  That leaves the team leader and team members free to focus on the content increasing the quality of the sessions.