Welcome to Innovare


Innovare is a front end of innovation consulting firm.

We help innovation teams define the customer problems to solve through discovery research

then create winning innovations to populate their development pipeline.


We practice "Knowledge Driven Innovation"

We start the front end with insight Discovery research.  We apply our unique team learning model as we explore the market, technology environment, and capture the voice of the customer. 

This hands-on immersive learning approach enables the front end team to develop a deep and shared understanding of customer needs, enabling technologies and key market opportunities first, before generating solutions. 

Then we move into creative concept development.  We focus on ideas for solutions targeting the customer needs.  We nurture the ideas into viable new product and technology concepts and build an innovation plan the organization can get behind.



We've been a leader in the front end of innovation since 1999.  Contact us to schedule a free webinar on the front-end of innovation best practices for your team.


We are front end of innovation process consultants, team trainers, and hands-on researchers


We work across industries in consumer and B to B markets  

Our customers include many companies that you may know and some you may yet to learn about.  Many of their products and services touch our lives on a daily basis:  from food, beverage, packaging, health care, specialty chemical, medical devices, publishing, education, commercial printing, financial services, electronics, energy, industrial gases, oil, metal fabrication, steel, construction among others.


We provide the following front-end research and team facilitation services.

  • Customer Research - Discovery unmet customer needs as problems to solve in business to business or consumer markets
  • Technology Discovery - Define new technologies and capabilities as foundations for higher level innovation
  • Concept Development - Fill your pipeline with winning innovations targeting customer needs and leveraging new technology



The scope of our projects depends on your internal capabilities, resources available, and needs.


Benefits from working with Innovare