We have a lot of material to share with you such as videos, white papers, flyers and more. We also will put together custom webinars for you team on any topic in the front end of innovation.

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We have been developing a series of videos on best practices in the front end of innovation.  Watch them here.  To view in full screen mode go to the Innovare YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/c/Innovare-inc


This video provides an overview of our knowledge driven front end of innovation process for developing winning new products.  Rather than just jumping into brainstorming ideas, we begin with a systematic Discovery phase.  That helps teams create stronger concepts with higher success rates.



Front end of innovation teams have the critical role of defining opportunities to populate the innovation pipeline.  However, front end teams have needs that are often overlooked.  This video describes their needs and provides solutions for optimum front end of innovation performance.



This quick video tip describes how to increase the success rate of ideas and innovation concepts that populate the development pipeline.



This quick video tip describes what types of knowledge front-end teams should explore to inform concept development and create stronger concepts with increased success rates.



White Papers


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Customer Needs and Innovation Effectiveness

by Donald Ross PhD, MBA

This paper provides a review  of research that indicates companies that are the best at innovation take explicit steps to understand customer needs during the front-end process of innovation.   Further, they enjoy at least twice the new product success rates and realize substantially higher revenues and profits from their innovations.


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Product and Technology Mapping Tools

by Beebe Nelson EdD and Richard Albright

This is their chapter in the 2005 edition of the PDMA Toolbook 2 for Product Development. Mapping enables innovators to visually represent their plans from high level strategic through tactical plans over the foreseeable time horizon.  It is part are the process of creating shared understanding or “mental models” through the organization which improved decision-making and innovation implementation. 


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Book Review: How Customers Think: Essential Insights in the Mind of the Market

Journal of Product Innovation Management Vol 21 Issue 5

Don Ross and Beebe Nelson Review Gerald Zaltman's How Customers Think, and discuss its applicability to product development professionals across industries.


 Innovare Conference Flyers

The following are a series of flyers prepared for PDMA conferences that we sponsored over the years.  Click on the titles to view the PDFs

About Innovare 

 A brief overview of who we are and our services


Our front end of innovation process

Market Drivers

Our deep dive to understand emerging drivers of your market

Vocal Insights® 

Our customer needs discovery process

Tech Explorer

Our approach for linking technology development to customer needs

Innovare Greenhouse

Our team creativity and idea generation workshops